Hello, it's nice to meet you! My name is Jodi and this is my husband Aaron. We live in the beautiful little town of Olalla Washington, where I grew up. We have both lived and visited a lot of places but we love Kitsap County and hope to always call it home. We both have "real jobs" (gotta pay those bills!); I am a nurse and Aaron is a builder/constructor/real estate guy. While I am thankful for my nursing career, it's not my dream. But I have always had a secret dream of growing massive amounts of flowers to give away so when I had the opportunity to be a student of the Floret Flower Farming course this last winter I jumped on it! And I learned so much; enough to make my little dream seem possible! So we did it....we started a flower farm. Even though 2021 is our first year as farmers, we hit it hard and carved out a farm field where there was just stinging nettles and choked up woods. In just the few short months that we have been working on our little farm, we've learned so much about soil health and composition, irrigation, weed control (I use the word "control" VERY loosely!), and seed starting. Our hope is to use sustainable, chemical free, and water wise growing practices. We want the flowers we provide our neighbors and community to be safe to bury your face and take a giant sniff in, for kids to handle without parents worried about pesticides, and for floral industry professionals to have clean, healthy flowers to work with. We want our farm and woods to stay healthy and safe for all the creatures that call this place home.

This first year growing is a giant experiment! I am trialing lots of flower varieties that I have never grown and am learning about the perfect timing for planting and harvesting the best, market ready blooms. In the future we want to offer a flower subscription and DIY wedding flower options. This year though, we are keeping it pretty chill and offering flowers in our little farm stand. We will hope to do some pop-up flower sales later this summer too!

If you'd like to follow along and stay in the loop with the what's blooming and available, we'd love to be your friend on Instagram. Follow us at our IG handle: @mossandmadderfarms

Now that you know a bit about us, we'd love to meet you too! Drop us a line in the "Contact Us" page. Thanks so much for visiting, come back again soon!